Sunday, February 21, 2010

Challenge sketch from Scraphappy Kat

I have just emailed my entry
for this month's challenge
sketch at Scraphappy Kat's.

We had a great time
at Scraphappy Kat's class
on Friday night. The class pack
was great value, I have
completed 2 LO with
loads of paper left over.
I had a bit of trouble with
the photography today
so will add them tomorrow
all going well.
Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wild West

I just love these photo's of Kara & Richard that they had taken when they were on holiday in Queensland - January 2010.
Check out Richard's side ways glance.. Yep, he really looks like the sherrif.
Can you find the hidden pull out on the LO????

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lesson pack from scraphappy kat

Here is a different take on the lesson pack
Scraphappy Kat
- great value pack plenty
of papers left to do 2 more LO..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here is my winning entry for the sketch challenge.
I saw this dear little echidna cross the lawn, heading for the garden, by the time I grabbed my camera I couldn't find him. Then suddenly the cat jumped up onto the side of the fish pond and was watching something very closely. The echidna had climbed into an ice-cream container full of water (left there for the dog) to cool off. I just had to scrap this photo.
Happy scrapping people.
Thanks for popping in.

January Sketch challenge winner

I just popped over to Kathie's site -Scraphappy Kat and received a very pleasant surprise.
My sketch challenge enty for last month won a fantastic prize.
Many thanks Kathie I am really stoked..
I will put it up for you to see later this afternoon...

OTP finally finished

I have been promising Kait that I would finish
her album for ages - Well it's done!

This cute little door hanger is from a scrapping magazine - (I will add name and credit the designer as soon as I find the jolly thing)
Just as long as you know it is a version of someone elses idea- not mine!!
Ok magazine is :
Scrapbook Creations & the design is by Lisa Warren

February 2010

It has taken forever to get back here, I never seem to get the time these days but I am going to try to make an entry every week from today!! Well try anyway.
Loads have been happening, Christmas came and went, Kara returned from her Qld holiday with Richard, Vicki came home exhausted from Europe, closely followed by RJ then David. It has been lovely to have them all together even if it is only for a short time. Thomas our grandson spent some days with us, swimming, making cubbies, watching DVD's and cooking - aren't little people wonderful.
David will return to Scotland next week, I am not looking forward to saying goodbye again, so I don't think I will go to the airport - hate airports saying goodbye is just awful... Of course there is a possibility that we might go to Scotland later in the year - so I will hold on to that thought.
On a brighter note I have finnished some OTP projects, the hanger was something I saw in a scrapping mag - sorry I dont know which one right now but I will add it later. The album was made up from left over papers from a class I did with Kathie from Scraphappykat.
So that's about it for now, will load my entry for the sketch comp and the LO from later in the week.

Thanks for stopping bye Heather