Friday, January 28, 2011

Where has the time gone???

I think too much has happened to catch up all in one go, the main points
-we had a lovely Christmas, Vicki, Robert, David and Kara were all home together for the first time in ages. Then..................
-Vicki & Thomas went sailing around the WhitSunday Islands
-RJ flew to Japan sking
-Kara went to Mildura to visit friends
& David flew back to Perth where he now lives.

We had a very quiet New Year, pottered in the garden, had friends from Queensland visit (parked their van out in the paddock and stayed for 12 days) many hours catching up laughing and learning how to play Mahjong... great fun and I now have my own set. My brother in law made my sticks in beautiful redgum so very flash indeed.
Mum was looking after my daughter's dog tripped  and fell breaking her wrist, many hours were spent in the hospital, mum home with my sister- arm in plaster and totally miserable.  Go to pick up my brother, he has tripped on the lead and sprained his wrist- he had his arm strapped (sprained)  he is now living with us.  No more dogs at Williams street.....
Everyone is now home from holidays, mums is still at Lyn's her arm is much improved although she is still in plaster. Doug is back to his old self and will stay here with us until mum is well enough to care for him.
That is about all for now - Oh!! Bell street is progressiong at a rapid pace - I will post some new pics soon.
Unfortunately I have not had time to do any scrapping but the Christmas pics need some attention and I would love to get to a class with Kathie over at ScraphappyKats.